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Courier broker service - a web application that let's you send a package by ordering a delivery company to pick it up from your doorstep.

For this seed level startup from Warsaw, I was hired to build a backend system much needed to support everyday operations of management and customer care. The project was initially written in PHP and had a very scarce admin panel. We've divided the work to reimplement the frontend and backend from scratch and I took the lead for the backend and admin panel solution. Together with the team, we've worked out a proof-of-concept version of an administration panel, tested it out, reiterated and delivered a solid solition to monitor the orders, package statuses and customer data.
We've integrated the software with APIs from DPD and DHL courier companies to automatically order and track the parcels. The site went from 100 to over 10000 monthly orders.

technologies used:

  • Groovy and Grails
  • Java
  • jQuery
  • PostgreSql
  • Third party APIs (DPD and DHL)