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Wayfinder - Frontend & Backend

Wayfinder - shortest route finding system for shopping malls, hospitals, public facilities and alike.

I was brought on board this project, by a fantastic team of specialists from Silk Software House in order to help them build a white label, shortest route finding software. First, I've created a frontend prototype, as a proof of concept of the solution to test out the initial ideas we had. We then took the lessons learned from that and reiterated, building a fully functioning system. The software supports route finding and dynamic presentation between multiple floors and comes with a management interface that allows the users to edit the paths, maps, floors and venues.

The end product was deployed in the largest shopping mall, downtown Warsaw - Złote Tarasy - as a web-based solution on the shopping malls website and on premises, inside the touchscreen hardware.

Technologies used:

  • Groovy and Grails
  • Java
  • Neo4j Graph Database
  • Postgresql
  • Backbone.js
  • Paper.js
  • Splines.js